Rigid steel duct with smooth inside for minimal pressure loss.

Area of use
Rigid rectangular pipe for straight duct runs where there is a requirement for a low installation height. For example buildings and industries.

Most common material selection is aluminium or galvanized steel.

Suitable for low spaces. Cut with an angle grinder.

Temperature range
+ 200 C

Fire classification

A wide range of accessories is available such as clamps, sound damping with insulation, flanges, couplings, transitions etc.
See Quadro-details and accessories.

Limited stock, ordered to customer order.

*Delivery time is normally up to 4 weeks.

Internal dimension (mm) System Standard length (m)
129 x 52 100 3
158 x 70 125 3
192 x 80 150 3
271 x 80 200 3

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