The folding technique means that the duct is durable and user-friendly and reduces weight by up to 50% compared to steel sheet ducts. Quadroflex is a flexible duct and can be turned 90 degrees and the ends adapted to the relevant coupling diameter. Transition and/or coupling parts can be manufactured for all profile shapes.

Area of use
Quadroflex is for ventilation, smoke/gas, preheating, defroster and electronics and is therefore suitable for use in: Factories, houses, cars, boats and trains.

A single layer of profilied strips, corrugate and fold together. The most common material is aluminium or galvanised steel  strips.

A flexible duct that is sutable for confined spaces. Installation requires no extra tools.
Cut using a knife.

Temperature range
+ 200 C

Bend radius
Can be turned up to 90 degrees.

Fire classification

Pressure drop diagram available upon request.

See Quadro-accessories

See table below, standard length is 3m.

Limited stock, ordered to customer order.

*Delivery time is normally up to 4 weeks.

Internal dimension (mm) System Standard length (m)
129 x 52 100 3
158 x 70 125 3
192 x 80 150 3
271 x 80 200 3

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