Draw plug

Drawplug is an aid for flues when inspecting to determine what dimension of flexible duct tube will fit the flue and as an aid when lowering the liner into the flue.

A rope is tied to the draw plug and lowered down the flue to the bottom. The other end of the draw plug is inserted into the liner and secured with 2 or 3 screws. When the liner is inserted into the flue, have one person stand at the bottom to pull the rope and another at the top of the chimney feeding the liner into the flue. When the liner is at the bottom of the flue, the screws are removed and the plug is removed. The liner is installed in the masonry connector according to the installation instructions.

Expanding draw plug for liner:
1. Push the plug into the liner
2. Turn the pulling eye and the plug locks in the liner
3. Pull down the liner.
4. Slacken of the pulling eye, remove the plug.

Wood, round
Plug dimension diameter (mm)
Wood, oval

Plug dimension diameter (mm)

80 105 x 145
90 115 x 175
100 125 x 180

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