Silencers, Connectors & Insulation sleeves

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Flexible tubes, Vermiculite & Rudomal Duct Cement

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Channels for Boats & Vehicles Hot and fresh air hoses, Inox single and double...

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Accessories for Chimney & Ventilation Winch, transitions, joint kits & tape

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Since 1975

Regardless of where we humans are, we are dependent on good air quality. Having the right Heating, Ventilation and Cooling solution creates a healthy climate, which means cleaner air for us and buildings.
In 1975 we started to develop more efficient ducting for ventilation and chimneys. Some years later we added products for vehicles.

To us, keeping the manufacturing in-house was an obvious choice. Having control of all parts of production gives us the opportunity to offer quick modifications, customise solutions, ensure quality and very high delivery reliability.

Today, we are proud developers of a range of proprietary ducting solutions for factories, houses, cars and boats across the Nordic region.

Carefully selected raw materials and quality checks at each stage result in stronger hoses that withstand more.

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