VF/AL is a flexible silencer with a inner- and outer cover of aluminium. Through the VF/AL’s flexibility it gives a wide area of usage and can be adapted to different conditions.

Flexible silencer with excellent sound damping properties.

Area of use
VF/AL is a flexible silencer and is used for example for ventilation and extraction units.

Inner pipe: Perforated aluminium tube
Inner covering: Fibre cloth, VIM tested glass wool from Isover.
Outer pipe: Aluminium
End piece: Aluminum

Fire classification
Inner- and outer layer is made of aluminium which classifies as A1, non-flammable.
The glass wool is VIM tested and classed as non-flammable material by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Light, flexible and robust.

Dimensions table

Size ØB L1 L2
125/183 190 970 1000
160/204 210 970 1000
200/250 260 970 1000

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