Inox-D Oval

Two layers of stainless steel strips that corrugate and fold together.
After this process the pipe is ovalized.

Area of use
Liners for chimneys when renovation or where one wants to maintain the area. For dry operation.

Aisi 316L (1.4404 in other standard).

Strong high-quality hose. Good flexibility and low weight. Cutting is most easily done using a hacksaw.

Temperature range
+ 600°C

The hoses come in standard lengths according to the table below but are also available in lengths to order. Maximum length is 30m. Inox Double is available in round or oval versions. External dimensions can be obtained by adding +5mm, dimensions not in the table below are available on request.

Bend radius
Round version: 3-4 x diameter
Oval version: The bend radius is restricted.

CE marked according to 1856-2.

10 year warranty

See page with accessories.
Masonry connector, cover plate draw plug etc.

Dimensions Table

External measurements (mm) Designation, diameter Standard length (m)
95 x 130 ∅110 Oval 25 
105 x 145 ∅125 Oval 25 
110 x 155 ∅133 Oval 25 
115 x 175 ∅144 Oval 25 
125 x 180 ∅150 Oval 25 

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