Vermiculite is used as insulation around liners and condensation pipes as it’s mainly use, however, Vermiculite also has great abilities to absorb and exude water making it a great choice for gardening aswell.

Vermiculite is a mineral that consists of aluminium, iron and magnesium silicates. Untreated it resembles mica. The Vermiculite is crushed and then sorted info different sizes of granule. The material expands through strong heat to form granules with large surface area and low density.

Area of use
Insulation around liners and condensation pipes.

Alternative area of use
Vermiculite can also be used in gardening and farming. Through Vermiculites abilities to absorb and exude water, it works well for seeding and plants which needs damp soil.

Mineral which consists of aluminium, iron, and magnesium silicates.

Expanded, Vermiculite has extremely good heat insulation properties. The material is easy to apply, especially in confined spaces.

Temperature range

Standard dimension is ”Medium”. ”Large” can sometimes be obtained on request, but availability varies. Contact us for more information. Supplied in sacks of 100 litres.

Vermiculite is chemically inert, odourless and does not irritate skin, eyes or membranes. A good environmental choice!

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Dimensions table

Designation Granule size Density Packaging
Medium (standard) 2-4mm 65-95 kg/m3 100 litre / sack
Large* (on request) 4-8mm 60-85 kg/m3 100 litre / sack

*Can sometimes be obtained on request but availability varies, contact us for more information. 

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